Best BMW moments on Top Gear

Top Gear is one of those programmes that divides people – some people love it, while others hate it, and there is very little between. But it gets huge ratings and there have been many great Top Gear episodes and features. This includes when they tried to parachute into a car moving at 50mph (series 4), when they raced a Mitsubishi Evo WRC against a bobsled in series 5, when they tried to make amphibious cars in series 8, and anytime they race Bugattis against planes. But what about BMW moments on Top Gear?

BMWs are a regular feature on the show and the team have tested many. Here are three of our most memorable BMW moments.

1. Britcar 24 Hour Race


This was from series 10 and was first aired in 2007. The presenters had to make bio diesel in the previous series and decided to use it in the Britcar 24 Hour endurance race. It takes place at the Silverstone Circuit. The car they chose to race was a modified BMW 330d.

The presenters – and the car – go through a lot during the race, as they battle with tire degradation, the biofuel damaging the seals in the engine, and tiredness. But they don’t finish last, despite the race being a professional endurance race (as opposed to one for amateur racers).

Clarkson is seen crying in the car at the finish line, and he admitted afterwards what it was the toughest challenge they had ever done. But the 330d got them there, and they fell in love with it as a result.

2. BMW i8 versus BMW M3


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This one is from the current series – series 22. It pitted a BMW i8 against a BMW M3, with Jeremy Clarkson choosing between the two.

It is good sequence because it puts two stunning cars up against each other. The M3 is an automotive icon, while the i8 has advanced car technology more than any other vehicle on sale today.

They are two very different cars – which one would you choose?

3. BMWs on the Isle of Man

BMWs Isle of Man

For this last one we have gone all the way back to 2003 and Top Gear season 3. In the episode Richard Hammond and James May take three classic BMWs to the Isle of Man. They are the original versions of the M1, M3 and M5.

The Isle of Man has some of the best driving roads in the world so this was the ideal location to bring some of the world’s best driving cars – even with the bad weather. As for the cars, there is glowing praise – and that includes praise for the unfortunate M1. It started a bloodline, as May describes it beautifully, of a range of cars that led to the first M3s and M5s and on to the M series cars available today.

Our selection are only some of the great BMW moments that have been on Top Gear. Do you have any others? What are your all-time favourite Top Gear moments (with our without BMWs)?

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