Top Holidays Destinations That You Can Drive To

For some people, holidays start once you get to the hotel at your chosen destination. But for others, it starts much sooner. In fact it can start as soon as you lock the front door of your house. With a driving holiday, the journey is as much a part of the adventure and the fun as the destination. It is a way of unleashing the explorer inside you, and it lets you see much more than you do at airport departure lounges and stuffy, cramped plane cabins. But where are the top holiday destinations that you can drive to?

For this list we ignored the great locations that you can go on holiday in Ireland. We know there are many, but for this we looked at places outside of the country where you can take you car, board and ferry, and drive.


France is an obvious choice, with several ferry options leaving from Irish ports and landing at locations like Cherbourg or Roscoff. You will find ferries that leave Dublin, Rosslare and Cork. But where do you go once you land?

In fact you don’t have to go far. In Roscoff itself you will find fantastic, Michelin starred restaurants and beautiful beaches. Or you can take the coast road south of Cherbourg on the Cotentin peninsula to the beautiful Bay of Mont St-Michel.


The ferry to England is a much shorter journey than to France, and it usually costs less. And while England doesn’t have the same romantic attraction as France, or the weather, it is still a great place for a driving holiday.

Top destinations include the old and beautiful city of Bath, the bustling culture of London, the shopping in Birmingham, or the stunning scenery and countryside of The Lake District, York and the Yorkshire Dales. Just make sure you get off the motorways for a while, as you will find some fantastic driving roads in the English countryside.


Or you can go further north to Scotland. It is easy to get there too – you can get ferries directly to Scotland from Northern Ireland, or you can go to a Welsh or English port and drive up.

In a car you can explore the rugged Scottish countryside, or you can go on a whiskey tour. You can also pack your golf clubs to play at some of the best courses in the world, or you can visit one of Europe’s greatest cities, Edinburgh.


A trip to Holland is also an option, although the journey is much longer. You can get a ferry to France and drive up, or you can get a ferry to the UK and then another ferry to Holland. For example, ferries go from the UK port of Harwich to the Hook of Holland.

When you make it to Holland other destinations are available, including Belgium and Germany.


Another long drive option is to go to Spain where you can explore its north coast while visiting cities like Santander and Bilbao.

Ferries go to Spain from Plymouth in England, or you can get a ferry to France and drive down.

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