Car And Driver Apps To Check Out

We are now more connected than ever before. That means connected to the internet, and connected with each other through the internet. But it also means that we are connected with “things” more, including our cars. This is done primarily through the smart phones in our pocket, so we decided to look at some of the car and driver apps that are available today.

My BMW Remote

The My BMW Remote app sets new standards in connecting your car with your phone. When you drive a compatible car you can use the app to lock or unlock the doors, change the climate control settings, or sound the horn. You can even use the app to help you find your car in large carparks. So long as you are within 1.5 kilometres of the car the app will direct you back to its precise position. You can also flash the lights to help you spot the car.

My Cars

My Cars is an app that will help you manage your car and keep it running smoothly. It logs petrol or diesel when you fill up, plus it records any maintenance that you carry out, or any other expenses. It then helps you manage trips with GPS tracking, plus it has features that are helpful if you use your car for work. This includes working out the costs of trips, and calculating what you can claim back. All of the data it produces can be exported into a spreadsheet.

The AA

The AA app can be used by members or non-members of the AA. Its primary function is to give you a quick and easy way of contacting the AA if you break down. But it also has other useful features, like traffic updates that include maps of where the problems are. You can also schedule reminders for things like car insurance, road tax, services or NCTs.


Navmii is one of the most popular satnav apps available. One of its best features is that it doesn’t need an internet connection to work. You can search for destinations and get your route whether you are online or offline. Other features include voice guided navigation and traffic updates. It is also integrated with Google Street View so you can get even more detail.


The Hudway app can give you a heads-up display on the windscreen of any car. It uses the phone’s display to project the screen onto the glass of your windscreen. This means it drains your battery, and it needs somewhere secure to sit on the dash, but it is pretty cool. The makers of the app say it helps when you are driving in difficult, low visibility or low light conditions. They do this by trying to mimic the job of a rally co-driver. The primary information the app displays is the distance to the next bend in the road, and an indication of when you should start slowing down. It can also give you this information by voice, and it can be used as a satnav.

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