5 Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

Should you buy a new car or a used car? It is a question that is becoming increasingly important. Research has shown that the majority of car buyers don’t have a firm view when they start looking to change their car – they are open to either new or used. At Martin Reilly we sell the latest model BMW, MINI and Hyundai cars in Sligo, Donegal and the north west, but we also have an extensive selection of quality used cars. So, in this week’s blog post, we make the case for buying used.

Here are the top 5 benefits of buying a used car.

1. Quality and Choice

Modern cars arrive in Ireland with exceptional build qualities, especially respected brands like BMW, MINI and Hyundai. These manufacturers invest decades of research and development into building every model, and they are constantly making improvements. This means you can be as confident in the quality of a three year old car with 60,000 miles on the clock, as you are with a brand new car.

Plus when you buy used you also have a wider choice of models than when you buy new.

Just remember that not all used cars are the same, even when the year, model and the mileage looks similar. If you buy a poor quality used car, you can end up out-of-pocket. The best quality used cars are typically part of approved schemes at reputable dealers, which means their history is thoroughly checked, and they are properly prepared before being offered for sale.

2. Lower Price

The price is also lower when you buy a used car, which means you can save large sums of money while still getting a car that is often very similar to one that is new. For many people this is the biggest motivating factor when buying a used car – getting the type of car, model and brand that they want, but for less money because it has had a previous owner.

3. Higher Specification

When you buy a used car you can also get more for your money than when you buy new. This could mean a sportier or bigger car, or one with a higher specification and more equipment. You could also opt for a prestige brand of car, like BMW, or a more stylish brand than the norm – like a MINI.

4. Less Depreciation

All cars lose their value as time passes and the mileage on the clock increases, but in most situations used cars depreciate slower than new cars. This is particularly true in the first year of ownership.

5. Warranty

Finally, long-term warranties have made it increasingly attractive to buy a used car. Hyundai is the perfect example, as all the models in the range come with a five year, unlimited mileage warranty. This means you can buy a two-year-old Hyundai, drive it hassle free for two years, and sell it on still with one year of the warranty left!

In summary, with a used car, you can get most of the benefits of buying new, but for less money. That just leaves one question – what are you waiting for?

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