Best Small Cars With A Boot Big Enough For Prams

Every parent knows that buying a pram is a big decision. It has to look good, it has to be comfortable to push, and it has to suit your lifestyle. It also has to fit – it has to fit in your home, and it has to fit in the boot of your car. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect pram and then having to fight with it every time you want to put it into the boot.

And because they cost several hundreds of Euros, prams are not the sort of thing that you can easily change. In most cases you simply have to put up with squeezing the pram into the car in any way that you can.

This problem is compounded when you are buying a new car – will your pram fit easily into your choice? If you are buying a large car, a 4×4, or an estate, you will probably not have a problem. But what if you want a small car? Buying a small car is a completely different situation as many of the options on the market have boots that are not designed for families.

So we have put together a list of some of the best small cars with a boot big enough for prams. This should help you whether you are a mum-to-be getting ready for the new arrival, or if you already have a pram but are looking to change your car.

MINI Countryman

Our first selection is the MINI Countryman. It delivers all the benefits of driving a MINI – it is fun and agile to drive, and it looks fantastic with classic MINI styling. The contoured headlights and sporty radiator grille really set the car off.

But this is also a MINI that is built with families in mind. It has four doors making it much easier to strap your children into their car seats, but what about the boot? It is compact but comfortably fits prams from major brands, and it will easily accommodate any buggy. You can even slide the back seats forward to give you more room in the boot if required.

BMW 2 Series

If you want a luxury car that is small but also has a boot that is big enough to take your pram, the BMW 2 Series is an ideal choice. If you are buying a family car you have two models to choose from – the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

The Gran Tourer is the larger of the two – it is longer and slightly taller. This is primarily so that an extra row of seats can be added, making the Gran Tourer a seven-seater car. The width on both cars is identical, and in both there is enough room to fit your pram, nappy bag, the shopping, and the school bags. It even has an electronically powered boot that is also contact-less so you can easily open it, even when your hands are full.

Hyundai i20

The final selection on our list is the stylish, award winning Hyundai i20. It is a comfortable car that is deceptively big – you can easily fit adults. If you are a parent looking for a family car you won’t need to do that very often, but it demonstrates the size of the interior cabin.

What about the boot? It is 326 litres which is more than enough to fit your pram or buggy, and everything that you regularly need to carry when you travel with children.

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