12 Reasons To Buy A 4×4

If you are not a farmer, outdoor instructor, or member of a mountain rescue team, why should you buy a 4×4 (or SUV, as our American friends would call them)? There are loads of reasons! Modern SUVs are as practical and relevant in the town as they are in the countryside, so here are 12 reasons why your next car should be a 4×4.

1. They Can Go Off Road

Even if you are not the sort of person who relishes the thought of driving through a ford before heading up a muddy, rocky hillside, off road ability might be useful. Taking your car onto the beach is one of the most common situations where non-off road drivers take their cars off road.

2. Good In Bad Driving Conditions

The qualities that make 4x4s good off road can also help you on the road when conditions are not good – heavy rain, ice, snow, and uneven road surfaces are all examples.

3. They Look Good

We all want our cars to look good, and 4x4s tick that box. Some have rugged good looks, while others are curvier, but 4x4s have an appealing style.

4. Better Visibility

The driving position in a 4×4 is higher than in a normal car. This gives you a better view of the road.

5. They Are Safe

4x4s are built to be tough, so you will be well protected if you are ever in an accident.

6. Fuel Economy

The days of 4x4s being diesel-guzzlers are, thankfully, long gone. The modern range of 4x4s now offers excellent fuel economy numbers.

7. Boot Space

If boot space is important to you, a 4×4 could be a good choice. Most models have loads of space for whatever you are carrying – prams, shopping, sports equipment, work equipment, or anything else.

8. Dog Friendly

Car manufacturers don’t necessarily build their cars to be dog friendly, but some are simply unsuitable. This is not the case with 4x4s. Of any car that you can buy as a dog owner, a 4×4 is probably the most appropriate.

9. More Space

4x4s come in different models and sizes, but generally they offer a decent amount of interior space. This makes driving more comfortable, even when you have five people in the car.

10. Good For Towing

If you need to tow a trailer, boat, caravan, or anything else, a 4×4 is an excellent choice because of their robust design and powerful engines.

11. Good Ground Clearance

Good ground clearance is a feature that is often thought of in terms of off road driving, but it also offers benefits when in town. Examples include driving over speed bumps, or up and down curbs.

12. Hold Their Value

4x4s usually top the charts of cars that have high resale values. When you look at the price of your car over the entire time that you own it, a 4×4 is probably the most cost effective.

BMW and Hyundai both offer excellent 4x4s in their model range – call in to Martin Reilly Motors to go for a test drive.

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