21 Tips For How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

The cost of your car insurance depends on loads of different factors including the type of car you have, your driving history, and who you buy the policy from. There are a number of things that you can do to reduce your car insurance. The list below has 21 tips.

1. Shop Around

Shopping around is easier today than it used to be because of the internet. It is one of the best ways of checking if there is another company who will offer you a better deal.

2. Try A Broker

You should try a broker too. Some people thing that brokers cannot possible offer a better price because they have to take their middle-man cut. This does not factor in a broker’s knowledge of the industry, though, both in terms of the deals that are available, and how to reduce costs.

3. Ask About Extras

Insurance companies often add extras to your policy, or will try to upsell them to you. Consider whether you really need the extra before agreeing to buy. Also, before you make a decision about buying any policy, ask what extras are included. If you don’t want the extra get it removed and the price recalculated.

4. Add Your Spouse

Sometimes adding your spouse or partner to your insurance policy can lower the cost.

5. Mention Your Spouse’s Car

Another thing you can try is telling your insurance company that your spouse or partner, who is also on your policy, has their own car and their own car insurance.

6. Add A Second Car

Taking out insurance on a second car in your household with the same insurance company can also sometimes be cheaper than getting two completely separate policies.

7. Pay In Full Upfront

Many people pay monthly for the convenience, and to spread the costs. It is more expensive to pay for your insurance this way, though, so if you can you should pay in a lump sum.

8. Find Out About Loyalty Discounts

Does your insurance company offer loyalty discounts? This may not reduce your costs this year, but it might help you save money when it comes time to renew.

9. Buy Online

Many insurance companies offer their cheapest prices when you buy online.

10. Make Sure The Insurance Company Has Up-to-date Information

You should always update your insurance company if your details change. Doing so can even save you money. For example, do you now keep your car in a driveway instead of parked on the street? This could lower your costs.

11. Downsize Your Car

The size of your car and engine can impact your car insurance costs. Driving a small car will be cheaper.

12. Don’t Get Penalty Points

Most insurance companies will increase the cost of insurance if you have penalty points, so stay within the law.

13. Go On A Driving Course

Ask your insurance company whether going on an advanced driver’s course will lower your insurance premium. The money you save initially might not be as much as the cost of the course, but over a few years you will save money.

14. Use The Same Provider As Your House Insurance

Sometimes insurance companies will reduce the cost of your car insurance if you take out home insurance with them as well.

15. Remove Unnecessary Drivers

Most people need additional drivers, but you should remember to remove anyone that is not absolutely necessary.

16. Don’t Add Young Drivers

Also, if you can avoid it, don’t add young drivers to your policy as they will typically increase the cost of your insurance more than older drivers.

17. Do Fewer Miles

Your insurance company also considers the number of miles that you do. The equation is often very simple – doing more miles means more expensive insurance. If you can reduce your miles do so, and tell your insurance provider about it.

18. Don’t Auto Renew

Auto renewing is handy as it ensures continuous coverage, but your current provider might not be the best to renew with. It is much better to renew manually.

19. Consider Suspending, Not Cancelling

If you are not going to use your car for a while you have two options – cancelling your policy or suspending it. Cancelling it is the cheapest option in the short term, but it might mean you lose your no claims discount which will be more expensive in the long run. Suspending will maintain your no claims.

20. Ask What Else You Can Do

You should also always ask your insurance company for advice on specific measures you can take to reduce your costs.

21. Haggle

You should never be afraid to haggle either. Tell your insurance company that you are shopping around, and if you’ve found a cheaper price let them know. They might be able to beat it.

Following these tips should help you make savings on your car insurance. Whatever you do, though, make sure you have enough cover in place.

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