9 Tips To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Car

Cars are worth a lot of money, and when you are selling one you want to make sure you get the best possible price. It should be a fair price for the car, but it should also be the maximum price possible. Here are nine tips that will help you get the best price when selling your car.

1. Find Out The Car’s Value

The first step is to get an idea of what your car is worth. This will help you set a realistic price, but also one that is not too low. You can use an online service where you enter the details of your car and you get an estimate based on information in their database. You should also look at classified ads for cars that are similar to yours.

2. Fix Minor Faults, Including Paintwork Scratches

Get as many minor faults with the car fixed before you put it on sale, including scratches in the paintwork. If the buyer sees a clean and well looked after car they are more likely to agree on a higher price. On the other hand, if they suspect the car has not been well cared for they might negotiate harder.

3. Get An NCT

An NCT certificate is not an indication of a car’s quality or mechanical reliability, but it is still a positive sign to buyers. Selling your car with a valid and long NCT will improve your chances of getting a good price.

4. Choose Where To Advertise

Picking the right place to advertise your car is also important. You need to strike the balance between reaching lots of buyers quickly in order to get a fast sale, and finding the right buyers – people who are willing to pay a fair price for a car that they want to use, instead of someone in the industry looking to flip the car for profit (buy it from you cheaply before selling it on).

5. Write A Great Ad

The start of any good classified ad for a car is getting the basics right. This includes the make, model, year, mileage, and engine size. Also make sure you get your spellings right and go easy on the abbreviations as not everyone will know what they mean. Include things that buyers look for, if they apply. Examples include “one owner”, “service history”, “automatic gearbox”, “manufacturer’s warranty”, etc. You shouldn’t include things that people expect to be in a car though, like airbags. Also, don’t include “ONO” (or nearest offer) or clichés like “good runner” or “drives well”. They don’t add any value to your ad.

6. Keep It Clean

Give the car a good clean both inside and out. You don’t need to valet the car, but it should be thoroughly cleaned – you don’t want potential buyers to find dropped food under the seats, for example, as this indicates the car hasn’t been well looked after.

7. Use Good Pictures

Good pictures can get people interested in your car. You should take them in daylight, preferably when it is bright and ideally not when the car is wet, i.e. try not to take them after it has been raining. Take photos inside and outside the car.

8. Get Ready For The Haggle

Negotiating is part of selling a car, so don’t be afraid of it. In fact be prepared to haggle. This means knowing your car well, being confident in it, and knowing the price that similar cars sell for.

9. Be Prepared To Say No

Finally, don’t be afraid to say no to a deal if you think the buyer is not offering what the car is worth. It is often good to set a limit of the lowest price you will accept, and stick to it.

If you are not used to selling cars, it can be a daunting prospect. Following these tips will make the process a bit easier, and will help you get the best possible price.

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