Five Common Driving Mistakes

Most road safety experts agree that all drivers make mistakes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is a bad driver. It is easy to slip into bad habits though, to take things for granted, or to make mistakes because of a lack of concentration. We should therefore all try to improve our driving skills on a continuous basis. Here are five common driving mistakes, some of which we do without even realising.

Mistake 1 – Getting Distracted

There are countless numbers of things that can distract you while driving. The children arguing in the back seat, changing the radio station, having a conversation with the person beside you, taking a quick look at your phone to see who sent the text message that you just received – these are all examples, but there are many more.

Most of these things only take a few seconds, but a lot can happen on the road in those seconds. Those things can have serious consequences, so it is worth trying to control distractions as much as you can. Start with the ones that are easier to control, like keeping your phone in your pocket or handbag no matter how many times you hear a notification. That will make it easier for you to deal with the distractions that are harder to control, like bored and frustrated children in the back.

Mistake 2 – Poor Observation

Not observing and failing to use the mirrors enough is one of the main causes for learner drivers failing their driving tests. It is also a problem with experienced drivers too. Mirrors and blind spots can usually be checked more often, particularly when moving off, changing lanes, or going around roundabouts.

Mistake 3 – Not Planning Ahead

Many drivers concentrate only on what is going on immediately around them instead of anticipating the road conditions and planning ahead. When you plan ahead you can make the journey more smooth as well as safe. You can anticipate traffic light changes and spot potential hazards when there is still time for you to carefully deal with them.

Mistake 4 – Driving Too Fast For The Road Conditions

We have often heard road safety experts say that speed limits are maximums not targets. This is true as sometimes driving at the speed limit is too fast for the road conditions. This applies in loads of different situations, such as when there are lots of pedestrians on the road (at school pickup times, for example), when there are roadworks, or when the road is wet.

Mistake 5 – Not Checking Your Car

The final common driving mistake happens before you even switch the car on. It includes things like checking the tread on your tyres, your tyre pressure, the water in your windscreen washers, and your oil levels. Maintaining these things will keep you safer and will make your car run smoother.

Being aware of these common mistakes is a good first step to addressing them and improving the quality of your driving. It is not always easy to do, particularly when we are dealing with the general hustle and bustle of everyday life, but it is important for safer and more enjoyable motoring.

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