7 Reasons To Buy An Estate Car

When buying a car you have loads of options, so why should you choose an estate. Here are seven reasons that demonstrate why an estate is the ideal choice.

1. Boot Space

This is the obvious first reason as the boot is the main difference between estate cars and saloon cars. While many modern saloon cars have big boots, they can’t compete with the additional height offered by a estate car. If you need to regularly carry things that are quite large, an estate car is the ideal choice.

2. Boot Accessibility And Flexibility

Size is not the only benefit of estate car boots, though. In many cases they are easier to access. This is because access into the boot is usually flat, making it easier to get things in and out. It also means the access is lower to the ground so you can slide things in, instead of lifting them in. In addition, most models of estate car allow you to fold the rear seats flat, giving you an even larger boot area.

3. Lifestyle

If a large boot is not enough reason to buy an estate, your lifestyle might be the deciding factor. For example, it is easier to fit more than one child’s bike into the boot of an estate car than it is in a saloon. Maybe you have to carry a load of equipment for work, or do a leisure activity that requires carrying large items. All of these things can sway your decision towards an estate.

4. Style

Many estate cars made 20-plus years ago where box-shaped and heavy duty. In a lot of cases it was hard to see any effort in terms of design whatsoever. Luckily this is not the case today. In fact in many situations car buyers actually prefer the design of the estate version of a car over the saloon version. Modern estates are as sleek and stylish as any other model in the range.

5. 4×4 And MPV Alternative

If a 4×4 or an MPV is the type of car you think you need, but you don’t want to buy a vehicle like that, an estate is a good alternative. For example, if you have a large family and are thinking about buying an MPV, but don’t like the way MPVs drive or look, an estate is worth looking at. The same goes for 4×4 vehicles. In an estate car you get a similar amount of room – sometimes it is bigger than the MPV or 4×4 options. At the same time you get different styling and, in many cases, increased fuel efficiency and lower running costs.

6. Options Available

Another reason to buy an estate is the number of options you have available. You can buy diesel or petrol versions, manual or automatic. You can get premium brand estates, like the BMW 5 Series Touring. You can also get compact options, like the MINI Clubman, or stylish family cars like the Hyundai i40 Tourer.

7. Resale Value

This doesn’t apply in all situations but in many you will find the estate version of a car is worth more when it comes time for you to sell it, than an equivalent saloon model.

Estate cars are comfortable and fun to drive, and come with all the luxuries you will find in a saloon. They are definitely an option to consider.

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