New MINI Countryman

One of the most anticipated new cars of the year will be revealed in a few months – the new MINI Countryman. What are the expected differences to the current model, though? We have had a look at the reports to give you a sneak preview.

The Countryman was first released in its current form in 2010. It quickly became one of the most popular models in the MINI range. One of the major appeals was the unique design. Of course, it is still unmistakably a MINI, but it is bigger and more rugged looking. This made it a real alternative to people looking at crossover vehicles and small SUVs. With the Countryman, you had a car that had the same adventurous appearance but was more comfortable, more agile in town and city, and loads more fun to drive.

The new Countryman is expected to build on this crossover-alternative feel by being bigger – longer, wider, and taller. Initial photos also show design features that make it look more rugged, but it still retains the charm and style that is unique to the MINI range.

Long Heritage

Maintaining that MINI style and charm is important as this is a car with a long heritage. The first ever model was called the Austin Mini Countryman. It was released in 1961 and production continued until 1969. During that period, over 100,000 were sold.

The current version sells exceptionally well too. This is because it is a car with wide appeal – it even has a motorsport heritage. The MINI Countryman competes in many racing events, including the World Rally Championship.

The new design, which is expected to be revealed officially in November, is the first major change to the car since it got a facelift in 2014. There will be a number of model options including front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Having an all-wheel drive option is essential as it makes the new MINI Countryman more practical in off-road situations. This only widens its appeal and increases its popularity.

What about the engines, though? The standard model is expected to be a 1.5 litre turbo, but there will be a number of engine configurations to choose from. This includes a 2.0 litre turbo, which is expected to be on the Cooper S variation. It delivers 228bhp. A John Cooper Works model is also expected sometime in 2017.

A hybrid is expected too, something which is causing a lot of excitement among MINI enthusiasts and motoring aficionados alike. Like other manufacturers, the BMW Group has been investing heavily in hybrid technology and electric power in recent years, and the new MINI Countryman should have a model available sometime in 2017. Reports indicate it won’t be available when the updated model is first launched, but it is expected to be a highly convenient plug-in hybrid so you can charge the MINI up and do short trips without using petrol at all.

There is a lot to look forward to, therefore, with the expected new MINI Countryman. Keep an eye here and on our Facebook page for more information on its official release date.


Image source: YouTube

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