Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Car

It is easy to make a mistake when buying a car. After all, it is a large purchase, and that is often daunting. It is also an exciting purchase which can sometimes lead to making the wrong choice. Of course, mistakes when buying a car can be made by anyone, including people who have been driving for years and have owned many different cars. You are particularly susceptible when buying your first car, however. Here are some mistakes you should avoid:

Not Having a Budget, and Not Sticking to It

Before you start researching on the internet or visiting showrooms, work out your budget. Once you have that budget, be prepared for something that happens to most people who are buying a car, including those buying their first car – the temptation to go over your budget once you see a car you fall in love with. Always try to stick with your budget.


Only visiting one showroom or dealer, falling in love with one car and then not being interested in anything else, and not looking at all your options (including finance options) are some of the mistakes that car buyers make. You may want to get your independence as soon as possible so have a desire to get the deal done, but going through the process too fast is never a good idea.

Incorrectly Estimating How Much It Will Cost You to Run the Car

The monthly repayment you have to make on the car’s finance deal is only one of the costs of car ownership. You should also factor in everything else that comes with owning a car. This includes everything from the cost of insurance and petrol/diesel to the cost of servicing and replacing your tyres. It also includes things like de-icer in the winter, car washing costs, and the cost of replacing your windscreen washer fluid. These are all small costs, but everything adds up.

Not Thinking Ahead

There are two things you should consider with this mistake. The first is your needs – you are buying a car that is suitable for you today, but what about your needs in the future? For example, you might be buying a car to do short journeys around town but could your circumstances change in the future where you have longer journeys to make? Also, could your family situation change during the period of time you own the car?

The other you should thing to consider when thinking ahead is what will be involved to change the car when the time comes. That might be two, three, four, or even more years away, but you should consider what might happen. For example, is it possible the car will depreciate in value more than you expect it to?

Not Going On a Test Drive

Finally, always go for a test drive. You will be living with the car you buy for at least a year or two so it is important you get something you are comfortable with, that suits your needs, and that you enjoy driving. You won’t be able to tell this by sitting in the driver’s seat while the car is stationary.

Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure you get the right car for today and in the future.

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