The New BMW 5 Series

The eagerly awaited new BMW 5 Series will hit Martin Reilly BMW’s forecourt in February. It is an eagerly awaited car release as the 5 Series is the best-selling BMW model in Ireland. What can you expect when you first get a chance to have a look at it, test drive it, and own one? Here are some of the key details.

Firstly, it is not a complete overhaul. Instead, the previous version of the BMW 5 Series has been enhanced and refined to create the new version.

To start with, it has more space, loads more tech, and the comfort levels are even better than before. The first models to be released are the saloon models but BMW 5 Series Touring models will follow shortly after giving drivers an estate option. A BMW M5 and a Gran Turismo will also be released, although you will have to wait until 2018 for these two options.

In the saloon that is being released first, all models will have an automatic gearbox. Manual gearboxes are not available. Four-wheel drive is available, except in the hybrid version.

As for driving efficiency and environmental protection, the fuel economy figures for the new 5 Series are very good. The 520d SE Efficient Dynamics model, for example, has a fuel consumption of 102g/km. Even the 265bhp 530d delivers 124g/km.

It is now longer and wider so there is more space inside, particularly for rear passengers, and there is a bigger boot. It is already a spacious luxury car but the extra space makes it even easier to live with.


The technology available in the new BMW 5 Series includes semi-autonomous driving technology, BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment system with a 10.25-inch colour screen, and LED headlights. You can connect the infotainment system to your phone wirelessly and you can also answer phone calls and adjust the stereo using hand gestures.

The BMW 5 Series also offers the company’s Lane Control Assistant technology which enables the car to essentially drive itself (steering, acceleration, and braking) on motorways. There is also a Crosswinds Warning system available which gives you an alert if someone is going to pull out into your lane in front of you. The system can also apply the brakes for an emergency stop if required.

The BMW 5 Series also offers a system that autonomously parks the car.


Performance is improved with the new BMW 5 Series as it is faster than the previous models. The standard diesel hits 100km/h in just 7.6 seconds – the 530d will do it in 5.7 seconds while the 540i will do it in 4.8 seconds. In addition, the handling is excellent. Its predecessor hugged the road well, but the new 5 Series is lighter so both ride and handling are improved. Less weight also means better performance and fuel efficiency.

The exterior styling has been enhanced both for aesthetic reasons and to improve the aerodynamics of the car. In particular, there are now vents behind the wheel arches at the front, similar to the BMW 7 Series. The creasing on the bonnet is also more pronounced.

It sounds good doesn’t it? Call us today to get a test drive booked or to get more details.

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