The New MINI Countryman – Bigger and Better than Ever

The MINI Countryman is an iconic car so the release of a new model is always much anticipated. If you are one of the people who is feeling that sense of anticipation, the new MINI Countryman will not disappoint. It is bigger, more comfortable, and packed with more features than ever before.

The Countryman stands out in the MINI range as it is just as much a small SUV as it is a MINI. It has the look of a MINI but it also gives the impression that it is ready for anything and ready to go anywhere. It delivers on that potential too.

The Hybrid

This new version of the Countryman is also a historic event for MINI as there is a hybrid option as part of the range. This is the first time that a hybrid MINI will be available. The hybrid model features an electric motor and a turbocharged petrol engine. It will do 0-100 km/h in 7.2 seconds but it has a fuel consumption of just 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres. The electric motor has a 40km range.

In other words, you get impressive performance but your running costs will be lower and you will help protect the environment. You should expect many more hybrid options to be offered by MINI over the coming years.

Back to the new Countryman though as there are also petrol and diesel options available – two of each. With this excellent selection so you will find a model that suits your needs.

Living with the Countryman

One of the best features of the new MINI Countryman is that it offers true retro styling while not compromising on practicality. In terms of look, it is unmistakably a Countryman but it is bigger and it has some sharper creases. The design of this new model borrows much from its predecessors, though. That means the new model is more about refinement than radical change.

The increase in size is achieved because it is now taller and wider than before. This results in plenty of space inside that includes three seats in the back and a large boot.

You can get a two-wheel drive option but there are also four-wheel drive variations available in keeping with the Countryman’s adventurous spirit. There are also both manual and automatic gearbox options.

Inside the design is funky but comfortable. In terms of kit, the list of standard features is impressive. This includes rear parking sensors as standard as well as Bluetooth so you can connect your phone to use it hands-free. There is also a CD player and a USB socket so you can play music directly from your device.

Of course, there are also a number of optional features and accessories. This includes the excellent Media Pack that gives you a voice controlled onboard computer, satellite navigation, and more.

Down through the years all MINI Countryman models have been enjoyed by people who want a car that is stylish, fun to drive, and comfortable but that can also get off the beaten track. You can do this and more with the new MINI Countryman.

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