Why Service Your Car – 8 Important Reasons

What do you do when the service light appears on your dashboard? If you ignore it and keep driving for weeks, months, or even years, you could be putting your family at risk, your car may breakdown, and you will end up out of pocket in the long run. In fact, there are eight important reasons why you should regularly service your car.

Before getting into the eight reasons it is important to point out two things:

  1. An NCT is not a substitute for a car service
  2. It is important to keep your car serviced at all times of the year

8 Reasons why You Should Service Your Car

1. Safety

A percentage of the accidents that happen on Ireland’s roads every year are the result of car faults. Many of these faults are due to wear and tear. Examples include faulty brakes, over-worn tyres, and faulty wiper blades. A car service will check these things and more, fixing them where necessary.

2. Reliability

Your car is less likely to breakdown when you service it regularly. There are lots of reasons for this, including the fact your local service centre will change the car’s oil and check and/or change other essential fluids.

3. Save Money

There is a misconception that servicing your car costs money. Of course, there is a fee involved. However, you will actually save money over the time you own the car. This is because of the point above – the car will be more reliable, i.e. it is much cheaper to take preventative action by getting your car serviced than getting it repaired when something goes wrong. Also, you will spend less on petrol or diesel when your car is regularly serviced.

4. Performance

Your car will run better when you follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. It will also run more economically.

5. Higher Resale Value

Used car buyers value service histories and will pay more for a car that has one, particularly if the service history is complete and the services were carried out at the service centre of an authorised dealer of the car brand. The reasons car buyers value service histories is because of the points mentioned above – the car is likely to be safer, more reliable, less costly to run, and a better driver than a car that doesn’t have a good service history.

6. Better for the Environment

We’ve already mentioned your car will run more economically when you service it regularly. This will also result in fewer emissions which helps the environment.

7. Longevity

As already mentioned, your car will be more reliable and will run better when you service it regularly. This will increase the useable life of the car. In other words, it will stay on the road for longer. This is particularly important if you have an older vehicle.

8. Requires Specialist Expertise and Equipment

Modern cars require specialist expertise and equipment to be properly serviced. Even if you have mechanical abilities to service older cars, you will need to bring your modern car into a service centre. Make sure you use one that is fully equipped and has trained mechanics and technicians, such as the service centre of an authorised dealer.

When Should You Get Your Car Serviced

Your car’s service schedule will depend on the manufacturer and model. Car manufacturers base their service schedules on the car’s age and/or mileage. Contact the Martin Reilly Service Centre for advice on when your car should have its next service.

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