How the €2,000 Lower Emissions Allowance Works

You may have already heard that BMW is offering a €2,000 discount on many new 172 BMW and MINI models as part of its Lower Emissions Allowance. Martin Reilly BMW is part of this scheme so you can get the discount from us.

The scheme is all about helping you move to a car that has lower emissions than the one you currently drive. How does the Lower Emissions Allowance actually work, however, and how can you take advantage? Below we’ll answer those questions.

What are EU4 and EU6?

EU4 and EU6 are European emissions standards that new vehicles sold in Ireland must conform to. They are also known as Euro 4 and Euro 6. EU6 is the current standard and was introduced in 2014. EU4 began in 2005 and was superseded in 2009 by EU5.

Is Your Car Eligible?

You can avail of this offer regardless of the make or model of car you currently own.

Your car is eligible if it is a diesel built to the EU4 emissions standard or lower. This means your car will be eligible if it was registered before September 2009. It may also be eligible if it was registered between September 2009 and January 2011, although some cars in this period met the EU5 emissions standard.

There is an easy way to check, however. Simply go to the Lower Emissions Allowance website and enter your car’s registration number.

Are There Any Other Conditions?

The main additional conditions are:

  • You must have owned your existing car for at least 12 months
  • The new car you purchase must be purchased with the same name and address of the car you are replacing

Will I get a Fair Trade-In Price?

Yes, you will get an average trade-in price for the make, model, and condition of your existing car.

What Cars Can You Buy with the Lower Emissions Allowance?

You can get any EU6 model of car in the BMW or MINI range that has emissions of 130g/km or less. That means you can use the Lower Emissions Allowance to purchase over 80 percent of the current BMW range and almost 70 percent of the MINI range.

How Much Can You Save?

The BMW Lower Emissions Allowance reduces the price of an eligible 172 BMW or MINI by €2,000. However, when you take into account other offers and grants that are available, the total saving you can enjoy on some models is as much as €14,500.

What are the Benefits Apart from the Initial Purchase Saving?

Your new lower emission BMW or MINI will be cheaper to run as fuel costs will be lower plus you will get cheaper road tax. In addition, you will help protect the environment by driving a lower emissions car.

What Is the Deadline?

The BMW Lower Emissions Allowance is available now and will initially run to 31 December 2017.

In other words, don’t delay. If you have a diesel car built to EU4 emissions standards, Martin Reilly BMW and Martin Reilly MINI are ready to drop the price of a new 172 low emissions car by €2,000. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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